Christian artist. Citizen of the world.
Lives and works in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Horace's famous phrase Ut pictura poesis (as is painting, so is poetry), which inspired the Renaissance doctrine of the correspondence between different arts, has reflected the multi-faceted nature of my work over the years. There was a time when I combined various artistic and literary disciplines.

Caught up in a whirlwind of activities and driven by the need to act – as well as doubtless by impatience and pride – for years I lived in a kind of madness, engaged in a flurry of projects that kept me on a purely horizontal level, along with so many mistakes...

Another man in another life. Talking about the past seems pointless to me. I am no longer that man and the situations I experienced are lost in the mists of yesteryear.

One day, everything changed. Radically. Various events drew me to Jesus Christ, integrating me into the vertical dimension – and I say that with all due humility. A purifying, fortifying and luminous encounter that forged a definitive, indestructible bond between Christ and me. I had always been aware of His presence and yet, distracted by what I came across on the side roads, I didn't consistently show the desired constancy and fervor in our relationship.

I have learned asceticism magnified by the ether, as well as detachment – including forgetting myself even to the point of disappearing – and now live in the peace and love of Jesus. The essence of Life has reshaped me and instilled in me a form of thought imbued with serenity.

The Lord helps me and guides me daily, leading me towards another kind of painting in which He dwells, just as He lives in my heart.

Thanks to Him, I have become a new man, born a few years ago.